Opening of Playground by Anna Konjetzky | Aktionsabend 19. September 2019

19. September 2019, 19:00 Uhr, LABOR ATELIERS, Studio 3, Dachauer Str. 112d

Opening of Playground
a research space, a playground, a try-out zone, a sketch book, an inventory, a choreographic research, physical thinking, artistic searching, creating dialogue

Choreography, artistic concept: Anna Konjetzky
Dance: Viviana Defazio, Sahra Huby, Quindell Orton, Ricardo De Simone
Music: Laura Konjetzky
Video: Timm Burkhardt
Creative production: Rat & Tat Kulturbüro

A n evening to share thoughts, performances, food and wine
Free entry – plea

The programme flyer you’ll find here.

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